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If it’s your first time buying or selling a home (or really any transaction that a real estate agent is guiding you on), don’t expect to know everything about the various processes and protocols – that’s what the agent is for.

But while you aren’t expected to be totally knowledgeable on the subject, knowing what makes a good real estate agent can work wonders to your advantage. Hiring someone who is experienced, eager, and hardworking can put more money in your pocket in the long run. Use these tips to snatch up the best real estate agent possible:

Meet agents at an open house

While the purpose of an open house is generally to show off a property to potential buyers, remember that the agent will be there as well, and sees it as a great

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With the opening of their brand new, $10 million clubhouse in January, Wyndermere has seen a record-breaking increase in sales in the first half of 2013. The 39 homes sold so far this year are an astonishing 260% increase of the first six months of 2012.

“Our sales have skyrocketed, which can be clearly attributed to the fact that buyers love the new facilities and the more casual atmosphere of the new clubhouse, all in a great location in heart of Naples,” said Past President Jean Foster, who headed the design committee for the new clubhouse.

But the clubhouse is not the only draw of this luxury community, and is likely not the sole reason buyers are so attracted to it. In late 2011, an enormous, resort-style pool was opened to perfect reviews and a

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If you’re buying property in Naples, add one more plus to your list.

Taylor Morrison, the builder behind such Florida masterpiece communities as The Esplanade at Naples, has been award the title of Builder of the Year by Builder, the leading media brand for residential construction. The company’s clear commitment to creating unique and differentiated family communities throughout the United States and Canada, and providing high-quality, well-built homes for families across both countries made the decision a simple one.

And even more communities are being planned by the award winning company, including in Esplanade Golf and Country Club, The Cove at Loggerhead Marina in St. Petersburg, as well as Arbor Lakes on Palmer Ranch in Sarasota. The West

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First impressions are important, and you don’t want to drive someone away because they’re immediately turned off by your home – no matter what the reason. Ensuring that your home passes inspection under the watchful eyes of potential buyers can be done in a variety of ways, too; there’s no secret code to it, so you’re free to be creative.

Some things seem obvious, and some not so much, but all the tips listed here are designed to give your home the upper hand. Creating a kind, welcoming, and friendly environment for each and every buyer can get your home off the market quickly – and maybe even put more money in your pockets.

  • Don’t trust yourself with the aroma

The biggest mistake most people make when prepping their home is forgetting that they

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Hardly anybody enjoys doing it, but negotiating can play a huge role in big purchases such cars and homes. It’s easy to take the price given and run off with it, but sometimes that price doesn’t reflect how much the purchase is actually worth – or, the person selling is planning on starting high on the off-chance someone does happen to bite.

Talking down an asking price is practically an art, but leaning the ins and outs can net you a lot of cash saved, or beat out any other offers, next time you’re making a big purchase. Here are some things to think about the next time you get down to haggle:

  • Psychology can work in your favor

It’s a common trick used with just about anything for sale: rounding down the price to make it look and sound better.

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The summer is staying hot, and so is Quail West – the luxury Naples community, built by Stock Development and other high-end builders, has reported a continuing rise in sales and construction in 2013, including a huge showing in June.

Last month, the community saw 9 sales totaling $10,425,272 – one by Stock, one by Florida Lifestyle Homes, and one by Fox Custom Builders, including a lot-only transaction. Now, Quail West’s 2013 totals have reached 69 sales with a total volume of $78,068,676, and there are no signs of slowing down. Compare these numbers to the community’s 18 transactions worth $18.9 million in all of 2012, and it’s clear that this elegant, North Naples golf community is on to something.

According to Stock Development, the rest of 2013

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Now is definitely the time to sell – and if you live in Naples, you’ll probably be the only one. 

Homes listed for sale nationwide increased by a hefty 4.26% between May and June, according to a new National Housing Trend Report by Realtor.com, as operated by Move, Inc. However, the report shows that Naples is the only city in the country with double digit listing decreases – by a whopping 10.49%.

This is actually somewhat consistent with the national average from June of last year: the number of homes listed for sale was 7.29% higher than it is today.

According to Move, Inc. CEO Steve Burkowitz, the numbers provided by the report are consistent with a positive outlook for the national housing market.

“Sellers are continuing to list homes at a

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The standards for applying for home loans in banks have drastically changed over the past years. Practices and approvals for banks in giving home loans have changed a lot from what it used to be. The reason behind these drastic changes is that many banks were bankrupt or were put in a situation where they need several years in order to recover from a loss due to their carelessness with their home loan approvals and their loan underwriting methods.

The promotions such as No Doc Loans and 100% financing were the major factors that caused several banks to face financial crisis today. Today, banks see to it that they do not do the same mistake resulting in much thorough and strict application requirements and processing when applying for home loans.

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