5 Tips To Make Moving With Pets Easier

Posted by Office Staff on Wednesday, September 11th, 2013 at 11:51am.

Taking everything you own from one home to another can be difficult enough as it is, but having to move a pet along with you can only add to the stress. Between the long trip in the car (or even the plane), the extra animal food to take with you, making sure the pet is kept comfortable, and other precautions, you'll be thankful when it's all over.
But there are ways to make the process simpler and easier. Here are some guidelines to follow next time you have to move Fido to a new home:
First and foremost, visit the vet
Before you take your pet anywhere, make sure all of its shots are up to date. It is important that your pet's immune system is running well during something as stressful for it as a big move. Also, if you haven't done this already, consider getting a chip for the animal – this miniscule device will store all of your contact information so you can be reached if your pet manages to get loose.
Separate pets from the action
If you know you'll be spending all day packing and working with movers, consider asking a friend to spend the day with Fido.
Safety first
This may seem like common sense, but be sure to keep a small first-aid kit on hand during the trip. If you let your pet out for some fresh air during a stop, it's easy for it to unintentionally get hurt exploring the new sights and smells.
Research pet-friendly rest stops
If your trip requires a night or two at a hotel, don't fear – there are plenty of establishments that welcome all sorts of pets, be them cats, dogs, birds, and more. A quick search on the internet will give you plenty of results to plan your trip around, and make the process more convenient for you.
Keep them out of the way
If you're going to be driving long distances with your pet, make sure you house them in a travel carrier. They are made to be comfortable for the animal, with plenty of fresh air, and they also eliminate the chance of your pet becoming scared and running around the cramped vehicle. It wouldn't take much for your pet to wander around your pedals, so keeping them in a carrier ensures everyone's safety.

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