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It's true – when you buy a house, you're really buying a whole lot more.

Between the community as a whole, the surrounding city, the local amenities, the neighbors, the schools, and more, you're going to be moving into an entirely new lifestyle. It's important that you, as a buyer, are aware of exactly what you're paying for – and that includes things that don't come with a price tag.
Do you need to be close to a certain school? Do you prefer quiet, unobtrusive neighbors or do you enjoy socializing and entertaining? Ask yourself these and other key questions, and you'll be well on your way toward total confidence about your new home:
The Community
Asking yourself what you look for in a community is just as important as asking yourself what you're

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If you're looking to buy, one of the options you might consider is a foreclosure. Buying a home that has been foreclosed upon has its advantages, but it can also be risky – especially if you don't have any experience with the process.

Foreclosures happen every day, all over the country. Similarly, foreclosure sales also happen with frequency. The reason for this is that you will often find the best prices in this particular market. Your real estate agent will prove invaluable in providing you with a vast amount of knowledge about this process, but to get you started, here are some tips on what you need to do if you want to purchase a foreclosed home:

-   Firstly, shop around just like you would for any other home. The most common source for finding

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Whether you live in a home, apartment, condo, or something in between, owning a pet can be a fun and fulfilling experience. The relationship you’ll have with your furry companion is nearly impossible to replicate, and as such, you’ll want to ensure that your pet has a safe environment in which to live.

Your home has many places and features that can be dangerous for a small (or even large) animal, so it’s important you identify these areas in order to protect your pet from them. Training your pet will go a long way, but accidents can happen – and you can avoid them. Here are some helpful tips for making your home as cat-, dog-, bird-, iguana-, or any-other-animal-proof as possible:

Kitchen and Bathroom

  • In the kitchen, use childproof
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Hidalgo Court in Phase II of Esperanza at Paseo has been officially released for sale by Stock Development, consisting of the builder’s Heirloom Series of beautiful, single-family homes. 

This premier subdivision offers 15 homesites that boast lakefront and preserve-front locations, tucked quietly within a small cul-de-sac at the heart of Esperanza. Residents and their guests access Hidalgo Court via a stunning, impeccably landscaped entry bridge located adjacent to Paseo’s village center.  Encircled by the stunning Six Mile Cypress Slough, Esperanza is comprised of 100 acres of breathtaking scenery and luxurious homes.

The Heirloom series, designed by Stock, offer four fabulous floor plans for prospective buyers, ranging in size from 1,809 to 2,075

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In the 2,400-acre, residential community of The Isles of Collier Preserve, construction has officially begun on a large and luxurious Discovery Sales Center, according to Minto Communities. Slated to open in November, the center will showcase the fabulous lifestyle and enticing amenities that future residents will experience. 

The Isles of Collier is a sprawling community that has devoted more than half of its available land to natural habitats and preserves. Connected by a series of recreation trails, waterways for kayaking, and numerous bike paths, these preservation areas allow residents to experience Southwest Florida’s incredible landscape in an up-close and personal way.

Once completed, the Discovery Sales Center will provide prospective

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It’s called curb appeal for a reason – the very first thing potential buyers will see is how your home looks from the road. Plus, the exterior of your home also says a lot about who’s living there. No one wants to make a huge investment on a property if the previous owners couldn’t even mow their grass.

So, to make sure your home passes the first inspection by potential buyers, here are some ways to boost your curb appeal and make your home impress at first glance:

Container plants

These plants are the perfect addition to your front porch, for several different reasons – not only are they attractive aesthetically, they smell fantastic and are relatively low-maintenance. Plus, you have a wide range of customization opportunities when it comes

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Named for its breathtaking Italian counterpart, the city of Naples, Florida, as well as many other stunning towns in the area, have a rich past and vibrant culture that is clear to anyone to visits.

Bordered by the sprawling, lush Everglades to the East and the fabulous beaches of the Gulf of Mexico to the West, the locales of Southwest Florida have earned a reputation for being some of the premier vacation hot spots in the United States. But there’s more to these cities than the warmth and flavor of its natural surroundings – a rich history permeated the winding roads, and it’s a history you can personally experience:

  • Olde Naples Waterfront

This small-town setting is famous for its quiet consignment shops and quaint eateries, as well as a

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Florida’s warm, summer months are perfect for a spur-of-the-moment vacation, but who says you actually have to leave the comfort of your home to find it? 

Traveling can be incredibly expensive. If you, like most people, are working with a budget, it can be difficult to find the wiggle room for a comfortable cruise or trip up north. Staying local (really local!) and spicing up your home to create a tropical getaway is the next best thing. Plus, you can invite everyone you know to come with you – it’s as easy as a drive down the street. Here are a few frugal ways of turning your home into a summer “staycation”:

  • Hang a hammock

If you have access to a couple of trees, put up a hammock to relax in. Read a book, enjoy a glass of lemonade, and

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After you grind through the process of searching for, visiting, making offers on, and finally purchasing your new home, you’ll likely be pretty drained – and so will your wallet.

But then there are the closing costs. While these are probably the last thing you want to see, they’re a very important part of the home-buying process. Usually ranging from between 2 and 7 percent of the sale price, closing costs vary from region to region and depend on what kind of purchase agreements the buyers and sellers reached throughout the negotiations. But the fact remains that everyone has to pay them – getting yourself acquainted with what you’ll be opening your checkbook for will make it easier to prepare for, and easier to budget for.

  • Property Taxes
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Even if you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to selling real estate, there are little tips and tricks you may not be aware of that can bolster your property and get you the best price in the shortest amount of time. 

Plus, with the market as good as ever here in Southwest Florida, this is the perfect time to get the ball rolling on selling your home. This process still requires effort, though, so read on to see how you can get a step ahead of the competition and sell your home fast:

  • Create a to-do list, and follow it

Selling a home is the type of process that can seem incredibly daunting at first, mostly because of all the small tasks it requires. You can avoid being overwhelmed by creating a to-do list for yourself and following it

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