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1832 GALLEON DRThe Port Royal mansion of Cypress Cos. Chairman and cofounder, James McCready, is probably the costliest on the Naples housing market. Pegged at a whopping $49 million, luxury brokers claim that the house is worth the listing. Purchased by McCready and his wife Gail in 1999 for $8.6 million, the house was constructed in 2002 by the Williams Group, and took two years to build even with one hundred construction workers laboring on it.

Today, the home is valued at $26,968,335. The listing broker mentions the reason for the sale is due to McCready planning to economize his finances. McCready plans to move in to a lower cost property in the same neighborhood, instead. The 14,678-square-foot property boasts its own private harbor, a golf course, and a lake -

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HeartLove in the Air

Local DJ “Big Mama” will be walking around fifty couples through a ceremony of commitment at 7:30PM Frida (Valentine’s Day). The event is open to all couples and will take place at Ter-Tini’s, a local bar on Crystal Drive. Registration for the event is mandatory to participate.

The event is a spinoff of famous singer Mackelmore’s  stunt at the Grammy Awards, where he conducted a mass wedding.

 Set Sail Through History

The Snug Harbor Marina will have a piece of world history docked at it this weekend beginning the 13th and lasting through Monday, the 17th. The ship is a replica of Ferdinand Magellan’s ship, the Nao Victoria. The Nao Victoria was the only ship of five to successfully circumnavigate the globe.

The ship will be

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5th  Avenue in Naples, Florida.Being one of the best attractions in Naples, Fifth Avenue South is now considered as the top ranking destination for shoppers and foodies. Based on TripAdvisor® reviews, Fifth Avenue South has garnered millions of reviews and raves on how it offers only the best. Based on one of the reviews from TripAdvisor®, Fifth Avenue South has a lot of upgrades and well-planned establishments and businesses thus enhancing the experience of shoppers and visitors.  

Shopping in Fifth Avenue South provides you with endless array of great clothes, shoes, bags, knickknacks, accessories, and more. Dining experience in this wonderful place is something that you would truly come back for more. Cafes, restaurants, sweet shops, ice cream shops, and more are all waiting to

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Woman on cellphone.If you received a call on your mobile phone from an unknown caller then suddenly hangs up after 1 or 2 rings, make sure to think twice before returning the call, especially if the number is unfamiliar to you.

The reason; a new scam has been reported by many consumers lately. According to the BBB or Better Business Bureau, the new scam called “The One Ring Scam” starts with a phone call from an unknown user who then hangs up after one or two rings. Most cellphone users would return the missed call thinking that it is important, however, when they call back, they only hear music and some advertising.

What the caller did not know is that they are already billed for the international call and had been connected to a third party, caller-paid service.

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Squad car from the Collier County Sheriff's OfficeThe Collier County Sheriff Department is proud to announce that crime rates have dropped in the area.

Kevin Rambosk, Collier County’s sheriff, mentioned that the rates have hit an all-time low since the 80’s, in spite of the surge in population in the area. There is also a huge difference in the number of crime rates from Collier County to neighboring areas, making the numbers all the more impressive. Robberies and burglaries account for the greatest decrease in occurrence, though homicides have doubled in the past year. The sheriff has assured the townsfolk that none of these homicides were random acts of violence, but more of associated from a prevention standpoint.

Aside from announcing the good news of falling crime rates, the Sheriff also

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Real Estate TechnologyGone are the days when real estate agents have to post signs, newsletters, and give out brochures to sell homes. Change came when the internet made it possible to view houses without even going to the sight. Videos were made of houses or properties that are being sold on the market and can be viewed by interested buyers. Actually, buyers used the web as an online shopping tool due to its convenience and it showed that 2% of the population is doing it in 1995. Then it rose to 74 percent in 2004 and shoot up to 92% in 2013. Still, another positive change is happening.

Smartphones are now playing a great role in boosting sales of homes and properties in Naples. Many are joining in this current trend. Others might see this as blind buying. Of course, in

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Below you will find all of the latest events for February

Every Tuesday & Wednesday at 9:30 AM
Join a Master Naturalist for a walk discovering beach treasures. Learn about sea shells, sea creatures and tidal movement. This is a great interactive event.

Friday, February 7th – 9:30 am
Join a Ranger or Volunteer for a NATIVE PLANT WALK to explore a barrier island. The entire family is welcome. Learn about the Maritime Hammock plants, how they protect us, and what we can all do to protect them. Comfortable clothes, water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen are all recommended

Friday, February 14th - 9:30 AM
Learn about the park's shy, shelled, terrestrial friends, their habitats and how social they can be. Learn

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Naples boat showThe 43rd annual Naples Boat Show will be held this weekend (Beginning January 30th) January 31st, as well as February 1st and 2nd at the newly renovated Florida Sports Park off of Rattlesnake Hammock Road.  Attendance is free to the public and there will be plenty to do. Vendors will be located both inside and outside. The indoor vendors will be have an air conditioned area inside the 7000sqft exhibit hall.

The expected turnout is between five and seven thousand people. On display and there to talk to attendees will be about 100 different boat vendors as well as others. Adults will also enjoy the opportunity to participate in wirkshops with subjects ranging from fishing and boating tactics, to information about the latest boating and fishing technologies.…
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Brrrr! Teeth gritting cold had really invaded warm and sunny Florida early this year. Many Floridians have felt the brunt of the cold early this January. Drastic changes in temperature have caused the temperature to drop of more than 30 degrees and even lower across Florida. You can see commuters huddle up in their jackets, sweatshirts, and scarves while waiting for the train or bus. There are also a number of patients being rushed to the hospital for complaints of cold-related illnesses. These frigid air masses have caused drastic changes in the Floridian lifestyle.

The month of January 2014 is considered as the coldest month this century. On the 7th of January, Floridians have experienced freezing temperatures that went down around as 18

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A brand-new consumer protection rule has just gone into effect in Naples and around the country, made to empower mortgage applicants and homebuyers by providing them with more information as to why a loan was rejected or accepted. This will help to identify cases of discrimination as well as provide appraisals and other data in a time-conscious manner so that the buyer can contest the results.

Here are some specifics about the rule, which was enacted on January 18th:

  • Lenders must provide for the applicants a free copy of any valuation, which may consist of several commonly-used reports that include an appraisal report, an automated valuation model report, or a broker price opinion.
  • Lenders have three days after the submission of a
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