Clean that Clutter from Uncommon Places

Posted by Office Staff on Monday, November 4th, 2013 at 1:16pm.


If you’re getting ready to show your home for the first time, the process can be a little intimidating. Getting your home cleaned up, and knowing just what to clean up and how much, is invaluable knowledge that could give your home the edge over the rest of the market.

There are many common places you’ll want to look when you’re scouring the home for things to tidy up. But there are also several not-so-common places where the clutter can pile up – and here they are:

  • The top of the refrigerator

The space is generally occupied by things that couldn’t find a home elsewhere in the kitchen. So, they’re relegated to the top spot and (generally) forgotten about. There usually won’t be too much to clean up from here, but getting this particular space spruced up and organized will only make your kitchen look that much more impressive.

  • The entryway

It’s common to drop your things and kick off your shoes at the front door after a long day, but it all adds up over time. Instead of just ignoring the problem or kicking everything off to the side, create a system that will do the organizing for you. Install a simple shoe rack in minutes that will give everyone his or her own personal space, set up a few inconspicuous hooks on the wall for your keys, and for basic pocket change, a small table with a bowl is all you need.

  • Under the sink

It’s such a little-used space that it hardly ever gets a passing thought. When you do end up using it, it’s generally just to store soap, detergent, and other cleaning supplies. All it needs is some organization: First, identify what you needs and what you don’t need, and toss the latter. Then, simply group similar products and supplies into similar groups so you’ll always know where to find exactly what you need. In 5 minutes, you’ll have a totally transformed space underneath your sink.

  • Coffee table

Your coffee table is basically designed to have things stored on it, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a disorganized mess! Between the TV remotes, magazines, coasters, and books, the average coffee table is an eclectic mess of random stuff. Like most things, this is a project that requires separation and combination: separate everything, and combine them into their similar parts. Create a space for only the remotes, a space for only magazines and books, and a space only for drinks and coasters. Consider utilizing the sections of an unused dinner tray to divide the different components of your coffee table and keep things clean and neat around the clock. 

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