Exterior Accents for the Colder Months

Posted by Office Staff on Monday, October 14th, 2013 at 9:30am.

Raking LeavesEven though we Floridians are lucky enough to enjoy tropical temperatures throughout the winter months, we do have the occasional cold snap that calls for wearing long sleeves and draping sheets over our gardens. With these months coming up soon, you may want to consider a small redecorating project to reflect the new seasons – but I'm not talking about redecorating your home.
Landscaping and exterior design plays an important role in creating positive first impressions, whether you're selling, buying, or maybe just want to impress the neighbors. Your yard and your home reflects you, and having a cleanly manicured property emphasizing all of your homes best features can make all the different. Here are some tips for customizing the outside of your home just in time for the colder months:

• Utilize colorful containers
Just because Florida doesn't keep all of its warmth in the winter doesn't mean you can't do your part to inject some warmth of your own into your yard. Planting colorful pots outside your home can give just the right pop to your yard during a season that is known for bleak, gray landscapes and chilly temperatures.
• If you aren't a planter, use furniture instead
Many people feel that the winter months in Florida are some of the best for spending an evening on the front porch, so take advantage of that by adding bright exterior furniture to yours. Patio chairs and tables run quite inexpensive, and the added color will brighten up your exterior significantly.
• Light candles
Turn your extra candles from a simple light source into a decorating focal point that provides light, warmth, and an appealing scent to the exterior of your home. But, of course, be careful – make sure you put them somewhere away from anything flammable, and include something that can collect the hot wax.
• Emphasize plants that can handle the cold
When the weather does take a turn for the colder, make sure your garden is complete with plants that can survive a good chill. This will make protecting them much easier, and will save you money because you won't need to replace them come spring. The miniature bougainvillea is tough and beautiful blooming plant that can be purchased without thorns and in a variety of colors. Plus, it can withstand a mild frost, giving you peace of mind that your hard work won't die out when the temperature drops.

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