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Posted by Office Staff on Friday, August 16th, 2013 at 1:30pm.

It’s called curb appeal for a reason – the very first thing potential buyers will see is how your home looks from the road. Plus, the exterior of your home also says a lot about who’s living there. No one wants to make a huge investment on a property if the previous owners couldn’t even mow their grass.

So, to make sure your home passes the first inspection by potential buyers, here are some ways to boost your curb appeal and make your home impress at first glance:

Container plants

These plants are the perfect addition to your front porch, for several different reasons – not only are they attractive aesthetically, they smell fantastic and are relatively low-maintenance. Plus, you have a wide range of customization opportunities when it comes to working with both plants and containers.

Give yourself a mulch-needed upgrade

Unless it’s been done recently, chances are your mulch has some serious age. Believe it or not, this can make a big difference in how your plants grow, as well as how the surrounding landscaping looks. Reapply the area with brand new mulch, and you’ll be surprised what a big difference it makes.

Don’t be afraid to take a trimmer to your foliage

While you want your plants to be a full and healthy as possible, it’s easy to see when something is simply overgrown. When it starts to lose symmetry and look too big, trimming down is the only solution. But, make sure you give yourself plenty of time before you show your home, so the plants have enough time to grow back to a normal size.

Manage any water features

Exterior water features out in the open are hotbeds for algae formation and stray leaves, and they nearly always have filters that need to be kept up. Make sure the potential buyers know what maintenance needs to be done if you aren’t taking anything with you when you move. Firstly, however, make sure it looks presentable for a showing, and that includes cleaning out the particles that build up in it so the water is crystal clear.

Powerwashing is your friend

If it’s possible, consider powerwashing any open surfaces on the exterior of your home that have built up hard-to-clean stains. You can rent the equipment needed if you don’t own one, but make sure you first look up what surfaces it will clean – generally, things like paved driveways, fencing, brick, and vinyl siding are cleaned best by means of powerwashing. 

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