Go the Extra Mile When You Show Your Home

Posted by Office Staff on Monday, July 22nd, 2013 at 1:39pm.

First impressions are important, and you don’t want to drive someone away because they’re immediately turned off by your home – no matter what the reason. Ensuring that your home passes inspection under the watchful eyes of potential buyers can be done in a variety of ways, too; there’s no secret code to it, so you’re free to be creative.

Some things seem obvious, and some not so much, but all the tips listed here are designed to give your home the upper hand. Creating a kind, welcoming, and friendly environment for each and every buyer can get your home off the market quickly – and maybe even put more money in your pockets.

  • Don’t trust yourself with the aroma

The biggest mistake most people make when prepping their home is forgetting that they are used to their home’s natural smell. So, they either conclude that it smells fine, or they go overcompensate with perfumes and sprays. Avoid this all by simple inviting someone over who doesn’t live in the home, be it a neighbor, friend, or family member – they will be able to give you an objective opinion on the condition of your home’s scent, and give you an outsider’s perspective on how inviting it is. Or, for a foolproof (and fun) solution, bake cookies and leave them in the kitchen. Your buyer will thank you on the closing day!

  • Don’t ignore the lighting

Getting clean light into your home is important – it accents all of the best features of the interior, and gives off a more pleasing atmosphere. And that doesn’t just mean turn on every bright, LED bulb you have: opening the blinds and the shades, and letting in pure, natural light will give off a much better impression. The warm and inviting light will put a good impression on anyone.

  • Be aware of real estate’s ever-morphing trends

The best way to do this is to keep an eye on home design shows, home décor magazines, the internet, and more. Keep the interior as up-to-date as possible (within the reasonable limits of your home’s style) and you’ll appeal to that many more people. This doesn’t mean you have to install chrome countertops or do anything long-term and expensive, though – in fact, you should avoid doing that. Simply follow popular color schemes, pay attention to what is most popular in the current season, and be open-minded about everything you do. 

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