Grill Master Tools for a Great Labor Day

Posted by Office Staff on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 at 11:08am.

Equity Realty Grill Tips PictureIn the world of technology, high-tech and low-tech gadgets are simplifying the way we do barbecuing more than ever before. New brands of Green Mountain Grills are developed to connect to WI-FI and synchronize using a Smartphone application that enables grillers to sit within and regulate the temperature to ensure that you do not miss a moment of your favorite football game.

ìIt is the best tool for the beer and game day. When you do not want cooking to distract you,î says Mike Tucker, the proprietor of Hawgeyes BBQ, Ankeny, Iowa

A small store operating within a huge online customer-base Hawgeyes BBQ sells tools, rubs and sauces. Small and big producers from around the country make use of Hawgeyes BBQ as a way to advertise themselves and make a mark within the busy world of barbecue. According to Tucker, Thermapen is his favorite tool owing to its ìinstantî capability to check meat temperature without pocking huge holes in the food.

With unique heat-resistant gloves, you can grill meat hands-on while it is still cooking. At times, this is better compared to the use of spatulas and thongs according to Tucker.

Smoke pistols allow your meat to have a wood-smoked taste without using a wood-burning grill. It is possible for grillers to season their BBQ in different flavors including mesquite, cherry, hickory, pecan or oak wood. The gadget can also be used in ovens that are well-ventilated. However, if you are using wood-burning grill and real wood, the best taste for new grills are peach, plum or cherry. Hickory and mesquite can taste too harsh if used incorrectly.

For sweetness and shine, spray apple juice with a clean spray bottle to get quick aroma that will help maintain the moisture in your proteins such as fish while on the grill.

ìWith barbecue, everything is just but an experiment, and therefore there isnít anything like rights and wrongs except you completely mess up the entire projectî Tucker says.

Tucker recommends gadgets such as chili pepper grilling collection for vegetarian grillers if you want to cook a pepper corer and stuffed jalapenos to take those wonderful seeds.

Grills such as Big Green Egg could be used for cooking more foods in addition to meat including firing flatbreads on the flat ceramic layer on the grill since it can get sufficiently hot for 5-minute pizzas. However, the Big Green Egg can burn a chefís hair if he/she gets very close, notes Tucker. So be cautious when grilling.

Even with the increasing number of gadgets, some cooks who want to make grilling easier still like nurturing the fire, socializing with acquaintances, and doing it in the old style - You normally can never miss it if you stick with a traditional charcoal grill.

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