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Not so simple home improvement tipsIf you have the necessary expenses, it can be tempting to go on a home-improvement binge. You could take your frustration out on every pet peeve you have about your home, from the light fixtures to the countertops to that fireplace you always wanted. But sometimes, as the saying goes, less is more.

Making renovations is an important part of owning a home, though. When you add, remove, or improve parts of your home, you're adding value to it that (hopefully) will return to your wallet once you sell. But there is such a thing as doing too much, or biting off more than you can chew financially. So, here are a few guidelines to make sure your next home project is truly an improvement:
• Is it an emergency?
A washing machine that is starting to make your

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If you’re struggling to work with a small space, you aren’t alone – nothing is more frustrating that being limited by the size of a tiny room.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! There are ways you can make your trouble spot look bigger, without any costly remodeling. Avoid demolishing walls and raising the roof, and take these tricks to heart:

  • Use Mirrors

When you accent a room with mirrors, it creates a simple effect – the reflection makes it look like you’re gazing through a window to another room. An added bonus of these mirrors is that they will also reflect extra light around the room, making the space seem even brighter.

  • Add light colors

It’s a simple optical illusion. When you add more light colors to the room, they

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Attic remodeled to add square footage in real estateIf you're looking to squeeze out a little extra square footage from your home, you just need to look up.

The attic is an often under-appreciated part of most homes, and can be used for much more than it was designed. Right now, it's probably where you're storing holiday decorations and extra furniture. A few bucks a month will get you a roomy storage unit as well as a wealth of new possibilities above your ceiling. Here are some tips that will get you started on track to making your attic space the most appreciated room in your home:

• First things first – add light
Attics aren't exactly designed to bring in a lot of natural light – it just isn't necessary. So you'll have to do it on your own. It can be as easy as introducing lamps to the space (many

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Yes, you read that right – your washing machine and dryer can actually save you money. The trick is knowing what to do with it.
Washing clothes is something everyone does, and (depending on the number of people in a home) it needs to be done pretty frequently. But using that much water and electricity can wreak havoc on your bills at the end of the month. So, here are some tips to cutting down on utilities when you do your laundry, and putting money back in your pocket:
• Wash in cold water
While it's important to use hot water when you need to disinfect as well as clear (such as for towels, or the clothes of someone who has been sick), but the remainder of the time cold water will get the job done. According to the Department of Energy, 90% of the cost

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Raking LeavesEven though we Floridians are lucky enough to enjoy tropical temperatures throughout the winter months, we do have the occasional cold snap that calls for wearing long sleeves and draping sheets over our gardens. With these months coming up soon, you may want to consider a small redecorating project to reflect the new seasons – but I'm not talking about redecorating your home.
Landscaping and exterior design plays an important role in creating positive first impressions, whether you're selling, buying, or maybe just want to impress the neighbors. Your yard and your home reflects you, and having a cleanly manicured property emphasizing all of your homes best features can make all the different. Here are some tips for customizing the outside of your home

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Chart and money representing money saved by using solar panels

It was announced recently that the Swedish "do-it-yourself" furniture and décor giant IKEA will be selling solar panels among their other products, and this has gotten customers excited about the possibilities.
While Europe will be getting the panels in stock within the next ten months, U.S. customers will have to wait – but when they become available, you can bet customers will flock to the retailer to make the switch to energy from the sun. But what exactly can you expect to get out of such a big purchase? With a price tag of over $9,000, many people are looking for a very good reason to take this plunge. So, here are a few ways you can expect to save from installing solar panels on your home:
• Tax incentives
This is available to you from both a state

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A homeowner landscapes with plantsIf you're new to owning a home, it's very likely that you've been in an apartment or condo, and haven't had a property to maintain. Now, though, it's up to you to make sure that lush, green grass stays that way – and it's a lot easier than you might think.

There are a lot of tricks for making your landscaping work for you and be as effective as possible. Here are a few that will give you some ways to spend your weekend, while making your home look impressive to anyone who sees it:

Use a water feature as a focal point

Not only will this addition look attractive, but it even provides you with the ever-calming sound of running water. Still, this is probably the most time-consuming improvement you can add to your lawn, as most people will want to

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Contrary to popular opinion, if you’re looking to improve the value of your home, all you need is a couple days off and some elbow grease.

You don’t have to empty your savings on a new kitchen, an extra room, or an added car spot for your garage in order to bump up your home’s overall value. Sometimes, the little things can make the biggest difference. Here are some ways you can take you home to the next level on a budget:

  • Clean, clean, clean

It’s not glamorous, but getting your home to sparkle takes only some patience and free time. If your home is considerably cluttered, consider renting out a storage unit for your extra belongings. Or, host a garage sale – you’ll be ridding yourself of stuff you don’t need, and netting yourself some

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