How to Make a Solo Move

Posted by Office Staff on Friday, November 8th, 2013 at 12:36pm.


It’s not ideal, but sometimes when the big moving day arrives, good help can be hard to find. If you’re faced with an entire move on your own, or even just a few hours until some heavy lifters can assist you, it may be tempting to call it off and reschedule. 

But there are more things in the average home that can be moved by a single person than you might expect. Using the right technique and strategy, you can clear out the majority of your home or apartment without breaking a sweat. Here’s how:

  • If it can be taken apart, take it apart

This doesn’t mean remove the nuts and bolts on everything you own – it’s as simple and easy as taking the drawers out of a dresser before attempting to move it. There is a lot of extra weight on nearly every piece of furniture that can be stripped and moved separately. Take the cushions off your couch, remove the glass top from that coffee table, and separate everything else that isn’t bolted down. This only takes a few extra seconds to do, but is an invaluable tip for transporting heavy items from your home.

  • Rent the gear, not the movers

If you really want to save some money, renting moving gear can be a lifesaver. It’s nothing compared to the cost of an entire moving crew, but can still be used by the average mover. Even a small dolly will make a world of difference when you’re struggling with a hefty or awkward to move piece of furniture or appliance. Just take a trip to your local hardware store and inquire about the best tools to rent for a one-person move.

  • Remove doors for extra wiggle room

When you encounter something that is inches from fitting through a doorframe, but isn’t quite small enough, don’t fret – you may not be able to change the size of what you’re moving, but you can increase the size of the opening it needs to go through. Simply pop the door off its hinges to give yourself the extra few inches of real estate.

  • Don’t be a hero!

Just because you think you can definitely move that big screen TV, doesn’t mean you should. If there is anything in your home that you are uncomfortable with transporting by yourself, postpone it until you can get some help. Getting that enormous bureau from your living room to the truck isn’t worth a back injury or a pile of broken pieces on the ground. Your safety should be a priority during your big move. 

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