It’s Not Magic, But You Can Make Your Small Space Look Bigger

Posted by Office Staff on Friday, October 25th, 2013 at 12:25pm.

If you’re struggling to work with a small space, you aren’t alone – nothing is more frustrating that being limited by the size of a tiny room.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! There are ways you can make your trouble spot look bigger, without any costly remodeling. Avoid demolishing walls and raising the roof, and take these tricks to heart:

  • Use Mirrors

When you accent a room with mirrors, it creates a simple effect – the reflection makes it look like you’re gazing through a window to another room. An added bonus of these mirrors is that they will also reflect extra light around the room, making the space seem even brighter.

  • Add light colors

It’s a simple optical illusion. When you add more light colors to the room, they reflect more light, and make the room seem bigger and brighter. Darker colors will absorb the light, and create the opposite effect. If you have dark furniture and decorations, consider repainting them or using them in a different space.

  • Use the walls to your advantage

Making the color of a room work for you, but the design of the paint or wallpaper is also very important. For example, while vertical stripes add height to a room, horizontal strips add width. Playing around with these concepts will give you a good idea of what will work best for your particular space.

  • Draw the eye with a rug

If your problem is that your space isn’t tall enough, adorn the floor with a light rug or two. This will create the same effect as the light-colored decorations, and will divert people’s attention away from the ceiling and toward the floor. Combine this with vertical line accents, and your room will look like an entirely space.

  • Minimalize your furniture

The more clutter you have in a room, the more cramped it will feel. Consider reworking your furniture to make it less obtrusive, or just eliminate anything that isn’t necessary. You can even find great ways of combining elements to create something unique and functional – for example, if you have a large bookshelf and a coffee table taking up too much space, consider stacking the books to create a new table to use. This will eliminate unwanted clutter and open up your room like never before. 

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