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For a state that is famous for its incredible coastal havens, Florida still has quite a few waterside destinations that are yet to be discovered by very many people. There are countless locales across the state that offer breathtaking views of the horizon, the gentle waves of the ocean, and the state’s famously tropical climate, and many of them are still hidden wonders.

The beaches of Southwest Florida are excellent places to enjoy a warm day under the sun, so here are a few of our most beautiful (and least well-known) hidden beach gems:

Gasparilla Island

The home of the fantastic Boca Grande Club, this small barrier island in North Ft. Myers is a stunning collection of migrating wildlife, native flora, flawless beaches, and the ever-shining

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As the saying goes, “everybody’s working toward the weekend.”

So, now it’s a Saturday morning, at the end of another long week, and what do you do? For most people, the average weekend consists of catching up on chores, paying bills, and relaxing. But in Naples – the opportunities are endless. Between the fabulous beaches, unbeatable night life, and countless restaurants and activities, Naples is the Southwest Florida hub for all things fun for the weekend. Here are some of the city’s most desirable and exciting hotspots:

The Inn on Fifth

The Inn on 5th in Naples, FLThis gorgeous, Mediterranean-style inn tucked cozily in the heart of downtown Naples is the perfect place for a romantic getaway that is still only minutes from your home. The fabulous location also puts it

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With our northern neighbors currently braving severe snow storms and below-freezing temperatures, Naples residents have been warned that the area is at risk of a “sun-in.”

The local forecast calls for days upon days of bright sun, tropical temperatures, and gentle breezes – in other words, the usual. As opposed to a “snow-in,” where residents are urged to stay indoors and away from the cold, Southwest Florida citizens have been asked to prepare for the “sun-in” by stocking up on hot dogs, barbecue equipment, bathing suits, mojitos, sunscreen, and watermelon.

Experts agree that the best course of action for the sun-in is to quickly and efficiently evacuate to Naples’ famous beaches. In order to get the most out of this dangerously relaxing and

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They’re like furry extensions of family, and we treat them as such – between taking professional photos, going on grooming weekends, and feeding delectable foods, our pets are certainly a part of our lives. 

You put a lot of work into keeping your home safe for your family, and doing the same for your pets is important too. But there are many more considerations to take care of when you’re pet-proofing your home. Besides making sure your smoke detectors are working, your locks are functional, and no chemicals are leaking into your home, you now need to look at the process from a four-legged perspective. Here are some tips for keeping your little loved ones as safe and happy as possible:

  • Choking hazards aren’t just for kids


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It’s that time of year again, and nothing says “Welcome trick-or-treaters!” like some scary and fun Halloween decorations outside your home.

It can be tough to find the time to decorate for the holiday – between buying candy, taking the kids to find costumes, and getting all of those newly-fallen leaves out of your yard, putting up some scarecrows may be low on the priorities list. But with these simple and easy tips for getting your home into the mood of the season, you can save both time and money – and have some fun doing it!

  • Un-carved mummy pumpkin

If you want to make a pumpkin decoration with the kids, but you don’t want to introduce them to large knives, this is the perfect project for you. All you have to do is wrap your pumpkin

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Naples is well known for having some of the most beautiful beachfronts in the nation, but if you prefer to stay further inland, the hidden charm of this coastal city lies in its parks. 

Numerous, well-maintained, and brimming with fun and relaxation, the parks of Collier County are examples of how integrating the beautiful surroundings with fun amenities can create an experience that is impossible to beat. Different public parks are located in nearly every single community as well, so no matter where you live, you’ll always be near a gorgeous park that is a blast to play in, and just as enjoyable to relax in. Here are some of the best parks the city has to offer:

  • Eagle Lakes Community Park

From birding to basketball to an exciting

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There’s a reason why Southwest Florida is the premier destination, year in and year out, for snowbirds looking for some sun and fun – when the weather is as good as it is here in Naples, the city becomes irresistible.

And if a day on the water isn’t your speed, the local parks are the perfect place to relax and enjoy the warm sun, friendly people, and green grass. There are plenty of parks to see, so here are a few that stick out as some of the best around:

Lowdermilk Park
Located just minutes North of the quaint streets of Olde Naples, Lowdermilk Park combines the beautiful scenery of the Gulf coast beaches with a quiet charm created by lush grass shaded by tall palms. There is both metered and unmetered parking available for everyone, as well as

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