Pet-Proofing Your Home - It's The Cat's Meow

Posted by Office Staff on Friday, August 30th, 2013 at 10:31am.

Whether you live in a home, apartment, condo, or something in between, owning a pet can be a fun and fulfilling experience. The relationship you’ll have with your furry companion is nearly impossible to replicate, and as such, you’ll want to ensure that your pet has a safe environment in which to live.

Your home has many places and features that can be dangerous for a small (or even large) animal, so it’s important you identify these areas in order to protect your pet from them. Training your pet will go a long way, but accidents can happen – and you can avoid them. Here are some helpful tips for making your home as cat-, dog-, bird-, iguana-, or any-other-animal-proof as possible:

Kitchen and Bathroom

  • In the kitchen, use childproof latches on cabinets that your pet might be able to pry open.
  • Store any harmful chemicals, such as bleach, detergent, or other cleaners in an out of reach place that your pet cannot reach.
  • Always check your washer and your dryer for curious pets before you turn them on.
  • Close your toilet lid to prevent your pet from falling in the water, or drinking chemicals after it has been cleaned.

Living and Family Room

  • Make sure any exposed wires are hidden or stored out of reach.
  • Try not to have anything that can be easily tipped over by your pet.
  • If you have house plants throughout your home, research which ones are dangerous for pets and hide them. If you don’t want your pet chewing on any of them, put them all out of reach.
  • Put away anything else that your pet could accidently injure itself on, such as sewing needles or other sharp objects.


  • When you close your door, watch out for your pet trying to squeak through at the last second. Pets tend to be fans of Indiana Jones in this regard.
  • Be sure that you keep the lids on your medicine, lotion, or other potentially dangerous items that a pet could get into.
  • Keep an eye out for your pet when you’re closing any drawers. 

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