Protect Yourself and Family From the One Ring Scam

Posted by Office Staff on Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 at 8:51am.

Woman on cellphone.If you received a call on your mobile phone from an unknown caller then suddenly hangs up after 1 or 2 rings, make sure to think twice before returning the call, especially if the number is unfamiliar to you.

The reason; a new scam has been reported by many consumers lately. According to the BBB or Better Business Bureau, the new scam called “The One Ring Scam” starts with a phone call from an unknown user who then hangs up after one or two rings. Most cellphone users would return the missed call thinking that it is important, however, when they call back, they only hear music and some advertising.

What the caller did not know is that they are already billed for the international call and had been connected to a third party, caller-paid service. This type of scam is called bill cramming. These international calls can be very expensive.

To avoid being victimized by this scam, here are some tips from the BBB:
  • If the caller is unfamiliar especially from an out-of-state number, do not call back.
  • Check your monthly bill and understand the services you are paying so you can notice additional items that might suddenly appear on your bill.
  • Restrict third party billing if possible since this is what most scammers use when scamming consumers through bill cramming.
  • If you are on a family plan or other types of group plans, notify other users and remind them to avoid calling back those out-of-state or unfamiliar numbers that suddenly call and hang up after a few rings.

If you already experienced this and returned the call but no one answered, make sure to check your monthly statement for discrepancies. 

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