Real Estate In Naples, and How It's Influencing Downtown Demand

The real estate industry is now taking a huge leap, considering that London Bay Homes is venturing into new opportunities in the heart of Naples. A couple of months ago, the company put up a new home in downtown Naples, and it boasted of a huge success. Today, they are putting up a similar one in the same area, plus there are also plans to develop similar homes in the near future.

You see, the company has had a solid reputation in dealing with upmarket homes, specifically in the Mediterra and even Quail West. However, now they are even expanding their strategies in Naples, by acquiring more property to fulfill the ever growing demand of homes in the region and in the greater part of it.

As we speak, Old Naples is rich in real estate opportunities. More would-be homeowners are looking to buy houses here - as confirmed by top realtor, James Bates (who works with Coldwell Banker).

According to him, the demand in this area has continued to rise with prices escalating as ever. He speaks from experience due to the nature of his job in the area, where he says he's sold plenty of homes in the last few months.

A background research on London Bay Homes reveals that they sold their downtown model for $2.6 million at the beginning of the year. And in fact, the demand was so high that the home was sold just as it was being completed. But that was gone, and now the company has a new project they are expecting to complete next spring. It's a 2-story, and a 3-bedroom unit that will boast of numerous features to marvel about.

First though, it's important to note that this home is a combination of two architectural designs, both from Old Florida and West Indies. The new home will feature an entry-way water fountain, transom windows and a special roofing design. What's more, the interior decor will be handled by Romanza Interior design.

Again, speculations have it that it measures 4.092 square foot, and the retailing price is also likely to be $3.5 million. So this is really an upscale crib. The rooms are going to be bigger than ever. Of course we're also expecting the master bedroom to be fully furnished, with top-notch decor and pronounced features. The ceiling is also going to be a little bit higher this time round. Lastly, its going to feature an up-stairs loft, leading the way to a wet bar.

So we see that the company has been actively buying and selling quality upscale homes in the recent months due to the growing demand. This is not all they've been doing this year. News has it that they recently purchased another unit on 1st Avenue North, and it went for $2.6 million.

In the 90s, London Bay was known to build expensive luxurious units in Port Royal area. It looks like they are going back to their old reputation - by offering would-be homeowners a solution that is quite different from what they see in a gated community.

Of course this trend is being fueled by the changing needs of the 21st century home-buyer. They want a fully-equipped outdoor living area and a kitchen as well. They want their kitchen to feature an island breakfast bar, spacious enough to accommodate their families. They also want a bathroom, fully-furnished with vanities, walk-in closet and showers, plus spa tubs. Finally, they are expecting a private patio with a raised spa, where they can relax in the cool of the day. This is exactly what London Bay Homes is giving.

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