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So you're wanting to move to Naples?

I don't blame you. It's a wonderful place to live. Low crime rates, white sand beaches, year-round warm weather and plenty of fun things to do. It was also rated by Forbes Magazine as the top city for job growth, and by Gallup-Healthways as the happiest, healthiest city in the US. What's not to love? If you like art, nature, good food and lots of culture, you'll probably feel right at home here in Naples.

One of the questions often asked when searching for a Naples home is "Where is the best place to live in Naples?". Sounds like a simple enough question, but the truth is it depends on a number of factors - such as how much you can, or are willing to, spend.

Real estate in Naples is very communal. There

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A brand-new consumer protection rule has just gone into effect in Naples and around the country, made to empower mortgage applicants and homebuyers by providing them with more information as to why a loan was rejected or accepted. This will help to identify cases of discrimination as well as provide appraisals and other data in a time-conscious manner so that the buyer can contest the results.

Here are some specifics about the rule, which was enacted on January 18th:

  • Lenders must provide for the applicants a free copy of any valuation, which may consist of several commonly-used reports that include an appraisal report, an automated valuation model report, or a broker price opinion.
  • Lenders have three days after the submission of a
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It’s not ideal, but sometimes when the big moving day arrives, good help can be hard to find. If you’re faced with an entire move on your own, or even just a few hours until some heavy lifters can assist you, it may be tempting to call it off and reschedule. 

But there are more things in the average home that can be moved by a single person than you might expect. Using the right technique and strategy, you can clear out the majority of your home or apartment without breaking a sweat. Here’s how:

  • If it can be taken apart, take it apart

This doesn’t mean remove the nuts and bolts on everything you own – it’s as simple and easy as taking the drawers out of a dresser before attempting to move it. There is a lot of extra weight on nearly

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Taking everything you own from one home to another can be difficult enough as it is, but having to move a pet along with you can only add to the stress. Between the long trip in the car (or even the plane), the extra animal food to take with you, making sure the pet is kept comfortable, and other precautions, you'll be thankful when it's all over.
But there are ways to make the process simpler and easier. Here are some guidelines to follow next time you have to move Fido to a new home:
First and foremost, visit the vet
Before you take your pet anywhere, make sure all of its shots are up to date. It is important that your pet's immune system is running well during something as stressful for it as a big move. Also, if you haven't done this already, consider…
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