State Proposes Gender Separated Schools

Posted by Office Staff on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 at 8:54am.


State lawmakers in Florida proposed a motion to allow more districts in the state to be open to single-gender middle schools. Principals of various boy’s and girl’s school strongly believe that it is in separating genders will the student gain more focus on their academic careers. They believe maturity and social growth as well as honing fresh talents are far more achievable in single gender education of set up.

In Tallahassee, Franklin Boys Preparatory Academy houses male middle school students and a few miles away, girls go to Ferrell Girls Preparatory Academy. Both school’s representatives conveyed their deep satisfaction with the achievements their students make by the end of every term.

March this year, a measure (HB 313) establishing guidelines for founding single gender schools that include enrolment system open for all students within a school district. Later, Senate Bill 514 was cleared by its final committee and now headed to the Senate floor for further discussion. The proposed legislation provided technical guidelines that gender-specific schools must adhere to in order to fully establish the institution. It also requires districts to closely monitor and provide reports on how the single-gender school performs in comparison to co-ed schools within the district.

School officials cited that setting up gender-specific school gives parents more options when it comes to their child’s schooling. Even senators conveyed their positive remarks with regards to this academic set up citing that single-gender schools that are reportedly having premium academic performance might be the gateway for some other districts to adapt the set up.

However, this report gains mixed responses from district subordinates. Members of Lee County teacher’s union expressed their remark that single-gender school is not a one size fits all one. While other students gain academic advancement through this set up, they may lose the chance to socially communicate with opposite genders at their early age. Social growth, therefore, will be neglected.

Lawmakers, on the other hand, concur that gender-specific school should be made available to give parents options and not to overrule the existing traditional co-ed set up. It should not create misunderstanding, but rather give parents the right to choose what they is the best for their children.  

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