Watch Out For Ghost Cars

Posted by Office Staff on Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 at 9:01am.


Blending in is what these newest addition to the Collier County sheriff’s squad cars. The decals on the newest squad cars are barely visible. The markings are on the sides of the car but due to its dark design, it is barely even there.

These cruisers are patrolling the streets for almost a month now. However, unlike traditionally marked patrols, it has low sirens and subtle decals on the side. The name “ghost cars” fit the description since it can sneak up on speeders and drunken drivers.

The traditional police cars do standout and can be easily heard with its blaring sirens and flashing lights. Usual culprits can easily avoid these cars when they see one. However, ghost cars are of a different matter. Speeders and drunken drivers will have a hard time spotting the newest squad cars since it can seamlessly blend in with the traffic. In addition, it comes with a state-of-the-art computer and camera system. It automatically runs license plate checks on cars passing by. Once the record search comes out with a result of a stolen car then an alarm goes off.

Actually, the newest squad cars are the first of its kind in Collier County. Nevertheless, other fleets have been added throughout the country. The Sheriff’s Office will be in hot pursuit of those guilty of aggressive and drunken driving. 

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