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Bonita National Golf & Country Club New Construction

Bonita National Golf & Country Club New Construction

The Portofino is a stunning 4 bedroom home set in the luxuriously pleasant Bonita National Gold and Country Club community within Bonita Springs, Florida. It is an excellent choice for discerning home buyers who wish to purchase a property finished to the highest standards located within one of the most pleasant surroundings in all of America. Join us as we present a walk-through of what potential purchasers can expect from the Portofino. The property features 2,926 square feet of total space.

The property features front access through a spacious driveway area. This leads directly into a spacious three car garage which has room for even the largest vehicles. The space of the garage also makes it an ideal choice for other usages such as a home gymnasium. The main front entrance to the property provides access to an entry hallway. This features doorways leading into a large living and dining area as well as a separate den. The living room and dining area are arranged in a spacious 'L shape' with the dining room separated from the living area in order to create a dedicated space to enjoy culinary experiences.

To the right of the living room there is a large kitchen. This is arranged in the shape of a square with a large central area and appliances surrounding the edges of the room. There is a hallway separating the kitchen from a dedicated laundry area. This separation ensures that laundry will never disturb any other activities taking place within the property. The laundry room has access to and from the 3 vehicle garage via a doorway. Further down the hallway which separates the kitchen from the laundry room there is access to bedroom 2, bedroom 3 and a bathroom. Both bedrooms are of roughly equal size and are square in shape. They have a bathroom in between them which is not en-suite to either room. This ensures that privacy can be maintained for both bedrooms.

Further up from the kitchen is an incredibly spacious great room. This is the recreational centerpiece of the house as it is far larger than either the living room or den. This room offers access to an additionl bathroom as well as bedroom 4. Bedroom 4 is of a similar shape and size to bedroom 3 and bedroom 2 and is situated at the rear of the property.

The rear left of the property is where the Portofino's stunning master suite is located. The bedroom area of the master suite is roughly the size of two of the smaller bedrooms combined. In addition, it features a dedicated sitting area at the rear of the property with views of the scenic exterior. The master suite also features a huge, dedicated bathroom. The rear of the property features a large outdoor space which backs directly onto the scenic surroundings.

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