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What are all the different types of residences or building designs in Naples?

Single Family

This is a free standing home with no other home attached. The property generally has a minimum setback from other homes or property lines. Family does not refer to a community type, but rather a single, stand alone structure only.

Attached Villa

This is usually a home deeded a single family. This is similar to a twin or duplex, but in Florida, typically falls within one floor. They often have vaulted ceilings. The home shares a common wall. Residents still have windows and an entrance on one side. These homes are usually 2 bedrooms + den or 3 bedrooms. They also usually come with an attached 1 or in many cases, 2 car garage. Attached villas are very common in Naples and popular amongst buyers who want vaulted ceilings, no stairs (like upper floor condos) and no units above or below them.


Condo owners have absolute rights to a real piece of property, or their residence. They also have access to use of common facilities such as hallways, elevators, clubhouse, tennis courts, grounds, etc. The common facilities are owned by the members, or all owners. Each member, or owner, is entitled to voting rights. Here are the different classifications of condos:

Low Rise Condos – 1-3 floors

These are the most common. Some have elevators but not many. Many times the top floor has elevated ceilings on newer buildings. These seldom come with a garage but may have a carport.

Mid Rise Condos – 4-7 floors

You will see these buildings the least. They are often found on bundled golf communities and in areas with bay views. These seldom come with a garage but may have a carport.

High Rise Condos – 8 floors or more

The high rises are almost exclusively found close to the beaches. Most of these are Gulf view condos. The highest concentration is found along Park Shore and The Moorings. There are no condos on the beach south of the Naples Beach Hotel. These will mostly have underground parking.

Coach Homes – Condos in a quad

There are two upstairs units and two downstairs units. Sometimes there are 4 up and down, or 6 up and down or even 8 up and down. However, in most cases, it is 4 to 6 up and down. This means more units are end units than in a typical condo building. Buyers are generally surprised at how roomy the floor plans can be. Usually every unit has a two car attached garage. The upstairs units are larger because they go over the garages. Carriage Home – This is similar to a coach home with slight differences. These are usually 6-12 units attached in one row. There is an equal amount of upstairs and downstairs units. Some end units may have a two car garage but usually every unit has a one car attached garage.

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