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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 18, 2014

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The release of high school grades today by the Florida Department of Education brings continued good news regarding the performance of our high schools. Table 1 next page shows the FCAT total points (800 maximum), non-FCAT total points (800 maximum), the overall total points, and the school grades from FY12 to FY14.

The State of Florida changed the scale for school grades to make it more challenging in FY14 as shown in Table 2. For example, the number of points required to earn an “A” was increased by 70 points. Even with the more stringent scale, all schools maintained an “A” except Golden Gate and Immokalee high schools, which each received a “B.” Immokalee High School would have received an “A” if the grading criteria had remained the same.

“We are encouraged by the results and have cause to celebrate today,” says Dr. Kamela Patton. Our overall percentage of “A” schools (75%) is higher than the State (36%). Although rescaling made the criteria more stringent, the majority of Collier’s high schools maintained their grade.

Another point of pride is our graduation rate at 82.1%, an improvement of .8% which exceeds the state graduation rate of 76.1% (See Table 3). The Collier graduation rate has continued to improve since 2010, when the graduation rate was 70.6%.

Dr. Patton emphasizes that success is truly a collaborative effort. “We want to thank our teachers, parents, administrators and community members for their role in the continued successes of the district.”

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