Naples Real Estate Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of my most frequently asked questions as they pertain to Naples real estate. If you have any additional questions, or require further explanation, please do not hesitate to contact us.


What is a HOA and what are HOA fees? Answer about Naples Home Owners Associations and Naples HOA Fees

What will my Naples FL property taxes be? Answer for Naples property taxes

What is a CDD? Answer for a Naples Community Development District or Naples CDD

What are the different types of residences, property types or building designs available? Answer on Naples building designs and property types

What is homesteading in FL and what are the benefits of this? Answer for Homestead Exemption in Naples, FL

What is the difference between Golden gate Estates and Golden Gate City? Where are they located? Where do I learn about Naples communities? Answer - GG estates and city are developments within Naples. Read more about Golden Gate Estates, Golden Gate City and Naples Communities.

Should I have a home inspection done? If so, do you recommend an inspector? Answer for Naples home inspection

How is buying a foreclosure from a bank different from buying a home from a private seller on the regular resale market? Answer on Buying a Naples REO vs. Buying a Regular Resale in Naples

What is the procedure for placing an offer on a bank owned REO foreclosure? Answer for Buying a Foreclosure in Naples

How much should I offer the bank? Answer for Bank Owned Homes in Naples Offers

Is that association healthy? What is the delinquency percentage? Answers for Naples Community Solvency

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