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Should I have a home inspection done? If so, do you recommend an inspector?


Absolutely, especially for foreclosures. Banks or sellers will typically allot 5-15 days for inspections. Most contracts include a 10 - 15 day inspection period. As soon as your offer is accepted (or, if you want bargaining power, maybe even before presenting an offer), you, the buyer, should schedule an inspection. 

I or a member of my team will schedule this for you, ensure utilities are on, ensure seller  provides full-access to the property, and ensure timely electronic delivery of the inspection report. You will receive an email containing a pdf of the thorough inspection report with the direct phone number and email of your inspector in case you require further explanation. 

You can also utilize your own inspector. However, when doing so, do not solicit the services of an unlicensed inspector, make sure they are licensed, trained, and not related to the seller or contractor that may have an interest in the sale of or required work for the home.

Home inspection is just one part of a complicated home buying procedure. Like all aspects of a real estate transaction, I will guide yo through this. I will ensure that this is done properly, thoroughly and within the allotted time the contract permits.

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