Hi {first_name},

I wanted to reach out to you after Hurricane Irma. I am doing fine - things have returned to normal for the most part.

Equity Realty put together a video to show the aftermath of Irma. You can watch the video on the homepage:


Power has been completely restored along with water, internet, and cell service. The schools are open along with restaurants and all the other great amenities here.

Obviously, Southwest Florida took a direct hit. However, for the most part homes fared very well. The most dramatic damage was to pool cages and the overall landscape - there are quite a few downed trees. It looks like the trees will take several more weeks to clean up.

Over the years, Florida has increased the standards for building codes on new construction. Mostly, the damage to homes was minimal as a result.

If I can help answer questions please let me know. I am back to my normal routine and looking forward to the upcoming season.

I hope to see you in the months ahead! Again, feel free to ask me any questions.