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Onyx & Topaz Series

When making a comprehensive plan to buy and own a home, many people considered it as a lifetime decision. The style, quality, convenience, security and hygiene are just a few considerations to make. Residents in the State of Florida have witnessed some of most elegant architectural designs of homes in American states. Onyx & Topaz homes flourish the Olde Cypress community of Naples with rooms fitted with the latest creativity in combined inputs to provide incredible styles.

Some of the features you will find in Onyx & Topaz homes include the following:

Restricted Access Community
The homes are located at the core of Naples as a privately gated community in Olde Cypress. The entry to this classified area is restricted to exclusively ensure residence security.

Home structure
The architecture features a combination of monolithic concrete slabs and steel reinforced walls for improved structural strength and support and ultimate durability.

The roofs are made of cement tiles with trusses that have been specially engineered and steel connections to aid attachment to the appropriate locations. Cement tiles were specifically chosen and enhanced to significantly reduce noise during rainy weather.

Interior framing
Every door and window is fitted with a wood backing that can be used to aid decoration through installation of preferred blinds and draperies. The interior framing measures approximately 16inches on the center and a minimum 10inches ceiling.

The type insulation used between the garage and living area has thermal resistance of R-11, that of the exterior living area walls R-4.1 and of interior ceiling R-30. This maintains the heat at a favorable balance.

Electrical connections
The house is set to a wiring of 200AMP with structured jacks fitted in the greet/living room and den/bedroom as well as a kitchen cable. Additionally, a phone line is provided and the entire interior is pre-wired to ease the process of fitting fans and lanais. The exterior lighting is a designer set in an environment with waterproof outlets. What’s more, the garage door is automatically opened and has two transmitters.

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are energy saving modules and every house is fitted with a venting dryer.

All units have their own 50 gallon water heater tank as well as a drop-in laundry sink. Other features include an ice maker line (with shut-off valve) connected to the refrigerator and a hose bibs in each plan.

Doors and Windows
The doors feature 8inch fiberglass for those at entry and 8inch hollow core for interior doors. The hardware used is Schlage lever-type with exterior Schlage “Lifetime casing” In addition, every door has a 3.5inch casing and a baseboard that is 5.25inches. All house plans have solid surface window sills and 8inch glass sliding doors. The single hang window has screened tinted insulation glass panes while exterior windows are strengthened with Hurricane storm panels. There are also exterior sliding doors with exception at the front elevator where hard impact glass is used.

The textured walls exhibit smooth finishes at the kitchen, bath, nook and utility room walls. The exterior portrays cement-like finish and textured ceilings are consistently evident. Ceramic tiles have also been used for wet areas.

Asemi-gloss latex paint is used for interior doors and trims while overhead garage doors, exterior bodies and bands have flat latex.

The kitchen features granite countertops with 36inches upper wood cabinets and other shelving in the kitchen pantry. Other appliances include GE refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher as well as smooth electric cook tops with single inbuilt oven per plan. There is also a GE washer and dryer.

Master baths
The master bath has 36inch wood cabinets and an elongated toilet featuring granite vanity tops. It also has a designer faucet with matching shower/tub valves as well as a 5inch soaker tub. There is a separate clear-glass enclosed shower with chrome trim.

Guest baths
They have 36inch wood cabinets, designer faucets with matching shower/tub valves as well as elongated toilet. The bathrooms also have granite vanity tops.

Floor covering
There are ceramic tiles in wet areas and carpeting in non-tiled floors. The square tiles have a dimension of 18inch lengths.

This features a specific landscaping package with an automatic irrigation system and the lawn maintenance is done by Homeowners Association.

Special items
There is pre-wiring done for security systems, wood shelving in the kitchen, featured dry wall corners as well as brick paver walkways and driveway. The lanais are screened and covered over brick pavers.

All the above features grace the Onyx & Topaz homes at negotiable prices offering a lifetime opportunity to own a house in an up-scale neighborhood.

 Sapphire Series

Buying a property is something that needs comprehensive planning in order to be sure of purchasing the right unit. The situation is more sensitive when you want to buy a home because it is more or less once in a lifetime event. Florida is a state that is known to host luxurious and elegant homes in America. In the Lantana subdivision of Olde Cypress in Naples hosts are variety of Sapphire homes, which come in elegant and stylish design.

Some of the features of the Sapphire homes include;
A Restricted, Gated Community
The homes are exclusive and they are at the core of Naples. They are also enclosed in a classified community that is gated and is within the Olde Cypress area.

Structure of the Homes
They are made of monolithic concrete slabs together with slabs and walls that are reinforced with steel. This enhances durability of the homes.

The roofs have trusses that are engineered in a special way. They also have steel connections that attach the roof to relevant locations. The material used on the roof is cement tiles. The cement tile is elite, especially in rainy seasons, whereby they will reduce the noise caused by rain falling on the roof.

The Interior Framing
The interior framing measures about 16inches on the center. There is wood backing in every window and door openings. This allows you to hang your blinds and/or diapers when you need to install any.

The insulation between the garage and the living area is R-11 while that in the ceiling over the living areas is R-30. All the exterior walls in the living areas have a R-4.1 insulation.

Electricals and Wiring
The wiring of the entire house is at 200AMP. The electrical switches of the homes are the Decora rocker-style. The wiring is structured with jacks being fitted in the living or the great room, the bedroom or den and the kitchen for cable and phone line.

Every home interior has been pre-wired, for the sake of fitting a ceiling fan and lanai. The exterior is fitted with designer light fixtures and waterproof outlets and a garage door opener with 2 transmitters.

Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioner – HVAC
The air system fitted in every plan is an energy saving system. There is also a venting dryer in every house.

Every unit has a 50gallon water heater and a drop in Laundry sink. There are also hose bibs in each plan. There is an Icemaker line that is connected to the refrigerator and has a shut off valve.

Windows and Doors
Each entry door is an 8’ fiberglass door and the interior doors are 8’ hollow core. There is a 3.5” casing plus 5.25” baseboards on every door.
The houses have a solid surface window sills with 10’ sliding glass door. There are Hurricane Storm panels on the exterior windows together with a sliding glass. The front elevation is fitted with an impact glass.

The exterior is finished with a cement-touch that looks elegant. The walls are textured with soft finish in the nook, kitchen, utility rooms and bath walls. There are ceramic tiles around the wet areas.

The interior door and trim has a semi-gloss latex while the exterior body and bands have a flat latex. There is a gloss enamel on the exterior doors and the overhead of the garage door.

The upper wood cabinets measure 42” while the countertops are granite. The kitchen is also fitted with a refrigerator (icemaker), microwave, washer, dryer, single built in oven and a smooth cook top.

Master Bath
They are incorporated with designer faucets with matching shower valves or tub. There are separate showers that are equipped with clear glass enclosure together with a chrome trim. The toilet is elongated.

Guest Baths
They are fitted with 36” wood cabinet with granite vanity tops. There are also designer faucets with tubs and shower valves that are matching.

Floor Covering
There is carpeting for non-tiled areas and all wet areas have ceramic tiles. The tiles on the floor measure 18 by 18inches.

There is an auto irrigation system in every plan along with a lawn maintenance carried out by the Homeowners Association.

Special Features
There are brick paver driveway and walkways, a straight drywall corner where necessary, pre-wiring for security system, wood shelving in all kitchens and lanai that are screened and covered and have brick pavers.

These are the features of the Sapphire homes in Naples, Florida that may be that dream home that you might want to buy and settle for the rest of your life. The prices are negotiable as well.

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