Naples Communities With Lap Pools


Island Walk

Lap pool in Island Walk in Naples, Florida.

Island walk, being one of "The Walks" has a town-center in the community. It is here that the pools are located.

Verona Walk

Lap pool in Verona Walk in Naples, Florida.

Verona walk, another one of "The Walks" has its town-center near the lake, where a larger resort style pool is located, along with the lap pool.

Village Walk

Lap pool in Village Walk in Naples, Florida.

Village Walk has two pools located right next to each other near their signature town-center. There is a resort style pool and a lap pool.

Bridgewater Bay

Lap pool in Bridgewater Bay in Naples, Florida.

Bridgewater Bay – not Olympic size but decent for your average community and covered – specifically reserved for doing laps.

Saturnia Lakes

Lap pool in Saturnia Lakes in Naples, Florida.

Saturnia Lakes - very short laps.

The Vineyards

Lap pool at The Vineyards in Naples, Florida.

Avellion Isles in the Vineyards is very palatial and although it serves as the main pool, it is long and rectangular and not frequented by guests, which at times could make for a terrific lap pool.


Lap pool in Wyndemere in Naples, Florida.

Wyndemere has a resort and lap pool hybrid where they maintain the lanes.

Piper's Grove

Lap pool in Piper's Grove in Naples, Florida.

Pipers Grove – somewhat of a hybrid of big square resort style, but they keep the floating lanes in it and mostly used as lap and hardly any kids in community.

Calusa Bay

Lap pool in Calusa Bay in Naples, Florida.

Calusa Bay – somewhat of hybrid but half is used for laps.

Falling Waters

Lap pool in Falling Waters in Naples, Florida.

Falling Waters on David Blvd has a huge pool that residents swim laps around but it isn’t straight.

Tarpon Bay

Lap pool at Tarpon Bay in Naples, Florida.

Tarpon Bay has a large rectangular pool with a disappearing edge into lake. There are a lot of kids, but certain times of day, could be used for laps.

The Quarry

Lap pool in The Quarry in Naples, Florida.

The Quarry has a lap pool next to the clubhouse near the man-made lake.


There are a bunch of communities that have the large main resort style pool but then they have rectangular “satellite” pools that some folks will do small laps, but they are very small laps, ie. Forest Glen, Heritage Bay, and even non-golf like Huntington Lakes.

 Also, the YMCA at Pine Ridge and Airport has a pool (once re-constructed) and the LA Fitness in the Pavillion shopping center on the NW corner of 41 and Vanderbilt Beach Rds has a lap pool in the club and is very inexpensive and easily accessible by many nearby communities.

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