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Paloma in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Paloma in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Located within the Paloma community in Bonita Springs, Florida, Wellington is a superb residential home. It features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a car garage and has a dimension of 1,519sq feet. Wellington home has a unique architectural design and as you approach it from the driveway, you will be met by a spectacular entry which is well secured for guaranteed security and aesthetic appeal. The two are perfectly combined to give the home an amazing look.

The 2 car garage is located on the far right had side of the home and has a dimension of 19.4x12.2sq feet. It can be accessed from outside and also inside through a door that is connected to the kitchen. Back to the entry, you will walk into a foyer which has a den located to the left with a dimension of 12.0x10.1 square feet. As you walk beyond the foyer space, you will enter into a spacious veranda and on the right side is a well designed kitchen which features a spacious island and other amazing and essential amenities for your use.

Next to the outer wall of the kitchen, you will see a door to a corridor leading to the garage. To the left side of the kitchen there is another door leading to the second bedroom which has a dimension of 11.0x11.0sq feet.

As you stand at the end of the foyer, you will find more living space to the left side. The living room is located immediately next to the foyer and has a dimension of 15.2x22.0sq feet. This space is big enough to host a number of guests without feeling the pressure that comes with the lack of space. At the end of the living room, you find a door leading to a covered lanai which has a dimension of 13.4x7.8sq feet.

To the left where the lanai and living room walls converge, you will find a door leading to the master bedroom. Indeed, this room is designed to give privacy but the space is big enough and befitting the owner. The master suite has a dimension of 13.0x14.0sq feet. As you enter the master suite, you will see a door on your left which leads to the master bath which features a soaking tub, a toilet and a vanity with two sinks. The walk-in closets are sandwiched between the master bath and the master suite and they are spacious enough to offer you sufficient storage space.

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