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A helpful review is peer-generated product evaluation, or in our case, a service evaluation, that facilitates the consumer’s purchase decision process. Many of our clients are so happy with their experience with Equity Realty that they often ask how they can share this positive experience with others to help our agents benefit from a job well done. As our client, we value your opinion. We thank you in advance for your review of your agent, our staff and your online experience. 

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If you don't have one of the accounts above, or maybe you just don't want to write a review, but you would be happy to send a testimonial. We are often told, "I gave your name to my neighbor who is thinking of buying." or we are often asked, "Can I have some of your cards to give to my friend who is looking to sell?" - and as the saying goes, in our business, the best compliment is a referral. You loved your experience with your agent - now what can you do? Write a quick, simple testimonial! Maybe you had such a great experience that you'll write a whole story or maybe you just want to simply say thanks and 'great job'. Any feedback is good feedback, especially if your positive experience is shared with other potential clients. There is no better way to say 'Thank You' and 'Great Job' than a Testimonial. 

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Thank you for your review of your agent, our Equity Realty staff and web tools and online experience.

Now, see what others are saying about your neighborhood development and contribute to the community of Naples owners. YOU know YOUR community best and we would love to hear about it. Your agent gave you an education on the area, so feel free to review other communities as well.

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