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The Ravello is one of the two floor-plans available in the Naples community, Sorento. This little community has room for 80 courtyards along with all the commodities you would want near your home. There is a reserved parking space, a tennis court, a heated pool and stores where you can get your groceries. The best part is that all of them are available in walking distance and are available to all the community's members.

The Ravello floor-plan is a 3 bedroom house with 2 separate baths and a one car garage. It is the perfect house for a couple with only two kids thanks to the 3 bedrooms and the fact that it spans across over 1650 square feet.

The first room when you'll enter your new house will be the pantry. This has tiles that will help keep mud in check for those rainy days. Just in front of you there will be a massive open area where you will find the kitchen together with the cafe area and the family room. Here you will be able to stay with your friends and chat while the food will cook slowly on the stove.

The family room has a total area of just over 270 square feet. Thanks to the this and the fact that there are 2 big windows and one massive window that overlooks the lanai that will let the warm sunlight in is just great for those who want to spend some good quality time with their family inside.

From the family room you have two options. You can either access one of the two small bedrooms or the master suite (that is just over 200 square feet) or you can go in the "den". This is an one hundred square feet room that can be customized to your own liking. Also from the family room there is the possibility to access the air conditioning unit for maintenance or for changing its settings.

As we said before, the Ravello floor plans comes with two bathrooms. The bigger unit is only accessible through the master suite and only has a big shower cabin while the smaller bathroom is accessible either from the family room or from one of the smaller bedrooms. This one features a bath tub as well as dedicated enclosure for the sink.

In conclusion this 1650 square feet home might be just what you need in order to start a new chapter in your life. It is roomy enough for a medium sized family and the fact that is in the Sorento community is a big plus!

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