What will my Naples real estate taxes or Naples FL property taxes be?


I cannot give an exact answer. However, I can give you the same guidance the county gives, about 1.25% per year. So, if your purchase price is $200,000 you can expect to pay about $2500/year. This does tend to be the case and if it strays from that amount it is usually less. If you would like better clarification you can contact the Collier County Appraisers office www.collierappraiser.com or callĀ (239) 252-4444. Give them the PID or address of the property you are buying and the purchase price and they will give you the expected amount owed.

Naples Property Taxes Assessed Too High?

It's not often that this happens since there have been many sales and valuations to accurately assess taxable values in Naples, but in the case your assessed value is set too high, as a new homeowner, you have recourse:

A property owner is allowed 25 days after the TRIM Notice is mailed to protest the assessment to the county property appraiser. If the arguments of the property owner are valid and have a basis in fact, the county property appraiser is authorized to make a change and to lower the assessed value.

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